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We have gathered information for you if you are thinking about buying a handmade Anatolian carpet and rug or if you just want to learn more about all type of carpets. Our intention is that this should be a complete source of information and an insight into the exciting world of Turkish handmade carpets.

History of Carpet and Rug

The art of making carpets was probably developed on the plains of Central Asia several thousand years ago.

History of carpets

Styles and origin

A handmade carpet is usually named after the place where it was made or from the ethnic group who make it.

Manufacturing of handmade carpets

Oriental carpets

Oriental carpets are divided into three categories depending on where they are manufactured namely; nomadic carpets, village carpets and workshop carpets.

Nomadic carpets, village carpets and workshop carpets


Despite recent technological advancement and development that has occured over the years, handmade carpets today are still made in the same way as they were hundreds of years ago.

The art of producing a carpet

Machine-knotted rugs

Today's machine-knotted rugs are of a high quality and a lot of the time it requires a trained eye to see the difference between a hand-knotted carpet and one produced mechanically.

Production techniques

Carpet Buying Guide

It just makes sense that, the more you know about something, the better able you are to make a smarter purchase decision.
A few purchases of an oriental carpet can create that cosy feeling in your home at a reasonable price. At the same time, the carpets origin whether it's a workshop, village or nomad carpet, provides a feeling and mood from a society totally unlike the Western one.

Your carpet purchase

Carpet maintenance

In an oriental carpet the pile and weft provides the foundation and the pile gives it its durability.

Tips for your carpet

Carpets from A to Z

In an oriental carpet the pile and weft provides the foundation and the pile gives it its durability.

Carpets from A to Z


Here we have listed links regarding decoration and interior design

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Modern carpets

Modern carpets come in many different patterns, colors and shapes. Our large selection makes it easy to find a carpet that’s perfect for your home.

Oriental carpets

The Oriental carpet has long occupied a central place in many homes, and Persian carpets are often thought to be the most beautiful of all.

Carpet overview

There is virtually an infinite range of different carpet types to choose from. To help you find the right carpet for your needs we have listed some examples of the most common types of carpet. Browse through the selection here below and fetch some inspiration to help you make your choice.

All Carpets

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